What If You Could Learn The 

5-Step Success & Influence Blueprint To Make 2022 Your Most Profitable Year EVER? 

 If you're ready to elevate your income, impact and influence this year and learn from 5 industry leaders exactly HOW to make it happen, then this is one LIVE EVENT you can't miss!


You're Craving Growth

Dear Future Millionaire,

The New Year came, your goals are set, and you're ready to really skyrocket your business growth this year. The first few months of the year, you worked and worked, hoping to see your income climb like you put on your vision board. Each month, you get a bit closer, but still feel like something's missing...

Does This Sound Familiar?

✔️ You're struggling to grow your audience online, and you know it's affecting your income

✔️ You've worked so hard, but you're feeling like you’ve plateaued and you’re not sure what the next step is

✔️ You've tried all of the manifestation techniques, read all the books and listened to podcasts daily and nothing seems to be working to help your business grow

✔️ Deep down, you CRAVE connection and more support from women who understand exactly where you're coming from

Before We Go Any Further...Picture What Your Life Would Be Like If...

You Woke Up Every Day With Unlimited Energy For Your Business

No more feeling burnt out or like you've lost the 'butterflies' for growing your business. 

Your energy is your superpower, and learning to harness it and use it to its full potential can catapult you to success.

You Had A Plan In Place To Get You To Your First (Or Next!) 6 and 7 Figures

No more guessing games and no more throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something sticks.

If you want to move the needle faster, it's time to take your business (and yourself!) seriously! You've got it in you and you know it!

You Finally Stopped Undercharging And Easily Attracted Dream Clients Each Day

Deep down, you know there's got to be a better way to grow your business than worrying every night about where your next client will come from. Client attraction DOESN'T have to be difficult!

You Were Surrounded By A Group Of Ambitious Women Eager To Support YOU Every Step Of The Way

It's true. We are the sum of those around us. As entrepreneurs, it's ESSENTIAL to our growth that we surround ourselves with those who GET IT and those who have ACHIEVED IT, so we can hit our own goals - faster.

You're Invited!

Join 5 industry leaders for a one-day live event on April 9th in the heart of Los Angeles, California, where you'll be able to...

  • Connect with other like-minded women entrepreneurs
  • Learn the secrets to manifestation, so you can actually create the life you desire
  • Learn how to use the power of LinkedIn to skyrocket your sales in 2022
  • How to uncover what your subconscious money programming is, so that you can begin radically recreating the relationship you truly desire to have with money.
  • How To Grow, Scale & Make Sales on Instagram in 2022!
  • How to reach 7-figure status with more ease and flow than ever before

You're Invited!

Join 5 industry leaders for a one-day live event in the heart of Los Angeles, California

Imagine having a 5-Step Blueprint taught to you by 5, multiple 6-figure entrepreneurs that showed you exactly how to grow and scale a profitable business.

This one-time event could be the game changer that skyrockets your success (and finally makes you feel like the powerful entrepreneur you are!)


"...a VIP Day is exactly what I needed. Alex's story from burn out to launching a business really resonated with me. I've now got a planned out strategy for the rest of 2021 and beyond! She helped me really see the elements of my business and life that light me up and how to embody and weave them into ALL parts of my business."

- Soul Yes Coaching Client with Alexandria Wombwell-Povey

"...Before I connected with Adrienne, I wasn't leveraging LinkedIn at all to help grow my workplace consulting and training business. I felt overwhelmed and left-behind. Adrienne gave me individualized suggestions to improve my profile, taught me how to connect in meaningful ways with potential clients, and showed me how to repurpose my content on the platform to reach a larger audience. I highly recommend you work with her!"

- LeAnne Lagasse, coaching client of Adrienne Weimer

"...I've generated over $300K this year and have worked with Maggie most of that time - amazing!"

- Coaching client of Maggie Colette

Come and Discover The Sales, Marketing and Success Hacks That Have Gotten Each Speaker To Multi-6 Figures

So You Can Learn Them Too, And Fast Track Your Way To A Multi-6 Figure Business. In this one-of-a-kind live event, you'll learn...

How To Expand And Grow Your Influence and Income on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most under utilized platforms. You'll learn how to take advantage of this platform to explode your growth!

How to Grow, Scale and Make Sales on Instagram

Uncover new ways to grow your following and boost your sales on Instagram - even if your account hasn't been growing in months.

How to Activate The Millionaire Girl Next Door™ Within You & Explode Your Income With Ease

Growing and scaling a business doesn't have to deplete your energy. Learn how to harness your inner millionaire and scale your business with ease and flow!

How to Uncover Why Manifestation Is Your Secret Weapon to Truly Limitless Results

The sky is the limit when you understand the techniques of manifestation. You'll learn how to manifest your dream business and skyrocket your results!

How to Step Into The Divine Feminine Flow Of Money

Learn how to stop undercharging and feel GOOD about raising your prices with money mindset strategies that will leave you feeling more abundant and ready to receive.

Adrienne Weimer 

Named One Of Yahoo’s Top 10 LinkedIn Coaches to Follow in 2021

"How to Expand Your Income & Influence Through the Power of LinkedIn"

Creating an audience of raving fans and a true community is a MUST when it comes to growing your business.

LinkedIn is a GOLDMINE for leads. LinkedIn is actually the most overlooked place to build your audience. 

During this session, you'll learn...

  • Exactly how to build your authority (& your audience) so you can be seen as THE Go-To-Expert in your field 
  • Social Media trends that will accelerate your growth in 2022 (and what to leave behind)
  • Why LinkedIn is your best kept marketing secret and exactly how you can use it to generate more sales in your business (and why it’s not just for “professional corporate types”)

Maggie Colette

Founder of Think Like a Boss + No.1 International Podcast Host

"How To Grow, Scale & Make Sales on Instagram in 2022!"

If you're feeling like your IG growth has plateaued, and you're seeing little to no sales, now's the time to make a change!

You CAN consistently and confidently make sales through your profile, without the overwhelm or being on your phone 24/7!

In this session, Maggie will teach you:

  • What it takes to create content that converts…
  • How to go viral in 2022…
  • 3 strategies you need to follow for exponential growth! 

Rose Radford

Evergreen Queen™ and Creator of the Millionaire Girl Next Door™

"Activate The Millionaire Girl Next Door™ Within You & Explode Your Income With Ease"

The Millionaire Girl Next Door™ is the powerful yet relatable Woman CEO of today, and tomorrow.

She makes Million Dollar Decisions with every move She makes. 

You’re invited to become Her and join the wave of women entrepreneurs who are redefining success… where you laugh in the face of a “No”, because you trust your desires as reliable guidance for what you’re truly on this planet to create.

In this session, Rose will help you close that gap by breaking down her proven Millionaire Girl Next Door™ formula, including:

  • The simple shift Rose used to go from $10K to profitable $100K cash months (while working 3-day weeks)
  • How to identify the real bottlenecks holding you back from unparalleled financial success
  • How to ditch relying on exhausting launches & scale with automated, yet intimate, evergreen marketing
  • How to think like a CEO, so you can Decide Your Way To Wealth™

Alexandria Wombwell-Povey

Business Mentor + Manifestation Coach

"Uncover Why Manifestation Is Your Secret Weapon to Truly Limitless Results"

You’ve got the strategy down, you're getting your message out there, but you’re still not getting the results you want?

In this session, we’re going to be weaving manifestation into this powerful session to help you truly super speed your route to Soulful Success. Together, we'll...

  • Uncover why manifestation is your secret weapon to truly limitless results
  • Become magnetic to your dream clients + customers + all the money you desire
  • Experience a quantum leap through a embodied visualization practice

Helena Grace Donald

Money Mindset + Success Coach

"Step Into The Divine Feminine Flow Of Money"

If you feel like no matter how hard you work or how many strategies you implement, the money just never seems to flow in total abundance, then it’s time to go deeper.

In this powerful money mindset session, you'll be supported in uncovering what your subconscious money programming is, so that you can begin radically recreating the relationship you truly desire to have with money. 

In this session, you'll learn...

  • The top 5 money mindset beliefs blocking you from financial flow 
  • Uncover your unique earliest money programming
  • How to embody your powerful inner worth and attract total abundance

It's time to hit those goals, and what better way to do so than surrounded by other ambitious women doing the same!?

You'll finally be able to check some things off your list like...

A Social Media Strategy That Actually Works

So you can finally convert your followers into BUYERS

A New View On Money, Pricing and Manifestation

So you can confidentially lean on your manifestation knowledge and skills to attract buyers eager to pay you premium prices

Trading The Life of 'Hustle' into the Life of 'Flow' 

Your energy is sacred. Walk away from the live event with clearer boundaries and a plan that keeps you in a state of ease and flow

"Rose's money mindset workshop was truly eye-opening. Rose is very approachable and relatable, and her exercises were mind-blowing, whilst being short and to the point."

- Bianca Riemer, workshop attendee for Rose Radford


"If I could go back and could have invested in my business 4 years ago when I set up, I would have invested in Helena. Any time I invest in a coach I tell them they have to earn that investment back and Helena did it in record time. She’s always there for me, supporting me and driving me on to achieve greatness. She’s more than just a money mindset coach, more like a money wizard and the coolest of boss babes there are. Highly recommended to anyone struggling in their business."

- Tara Punter, Coach and Marketing Consultant for Helena Grace Donald




During your live event, you'll learn the '5-Step Success & Influence Blueprint' taught by 5 successful female entrepreneurs

  • How to expand your income and influence with
  • How to grow and scale on Instagram
  • How to activate the Millionaire girl next door and explore your income with ease
  • Uncover how and why manifestation is your key to abundant growth
  • How to step into divine feminine flow


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